Ep 037 – Thanksgiving



We have 36 Episodes behind us, and if you’ve been with us from the beginning or listened to any of our early episodes, you know we started this podcast because we decided to get serious about wine and we wanted to invite you to learn along with us. That’s 36 episodes learning about wine regions, grape varieties, taste characteristics, and pairing those wines with food. Focusing on pairing wine with Thanksgiving dinner is an opportunity to review some of what we’ve learned, and it gives us a chance to apply it.


So for this episode, we give you specific types of wine to pair with different dishes as well as a few wines that will go with the whole meal. For the most part, we’re going to stick to wines we’ve covered in previous episodes which we will provide links to those episodes below. The show notes have specific wines listed to take the guess work out of picking out wine with your meal.


Dishes to pair:


General wines:


What’s your favorite wine to pair with Thanksgiving meal? Leave a comment with your recommendations below!







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