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This week we discussed the highly aromatic wine, Gewürztraminer! Historical origin of the Gewürztraminer grape Grape growing and wine-making Alsace, France and it’s important to Gewürztraminer Alsace terroir and it’s importance to Gewürztraminer wine Alsace wine classifications Gewürztraminer aromas and flavors Food pairings   Wine Recommendations: Anne de K Alsace Vogelgarten Gewurztraminer 2013 Lychee […]

Ep 021 – Gewürztraminer, Perfumed Traminer

  This week we rediscover a once beloved wine in America, Lambrusco! Listen as we talk: The Emilia-Romagna region History (this wine has been made for over 2,000 years) Lambrusco grapes and how the wine is made How it’s made? Sweetness levels Food pairings Wine recommendations: Sei Amici Dolce Rosso […]

Ep 020 – Lambrusco, The Comeback Wine

This week’s episode we discussed the floral, aromatic white wine that originated in Argentina, Torrontes. History of Torrontes The many varieties of Torrontes grapes Common styles Dominant flavors Food and cheese pairings   Wine recommendations: Mendoza Station Torrontes 2014 Piattelli Premium Reserve Torrontes 2013 Play in new window […]

Ep 019 – Flowers and Fruit