Weekly Wine Sip – Honoro Vera Rosé

If you didn’t realize, Tony and I drink a lot of wine. Some wine we drink for episode research, but a good chunk of wine will never make it to an episode. Usually, it’s because we have already covered a particular region or type of wine and we are not planning on circling back in the near future. So I had an idea to start Weekly Wine Sip, a weekly post highlighting wines I love and can’t keep to myself. I’ll keep it pretty short; highlighting a little background on the wine or winery, tasting notes and food pairings. My hope is to release these posts on Thursdays so you have so you can pick up a bottle in time for the weekend. Hope you enjoy. Cheers! -Betty


resized Honoro Vera Rose

Honoro Vera Rosé

I’ve been obsessed with Honoro Vera wines every since I fell in love with their Garnacha a few years ago and thus began my love of all things Spanish. I found their Rosé by accident. Tony and I were eating tacos at a restaurant in Minneapolis and decided to walk to a near by wine and cheese shop to pick up some buttermilk blue cheese. Of course we had to look at their wine selection and I saw this beauty out of the corner of my eye. The woman on the label called out to me and I walked out with my $10 bottle of liquid happiness.


The Facts:


Looks: More of a light pretty salmon colored than pink so this wine is lighter and more fruity than some of it’s darker counterparts. I am ready.

Nose:  If the lady on the label doesn’t draw you in with her magical wine powers, the smell of this wine will. Light strawberry and cherry flavors with a touch of mineralty.

Taste: So light! So crisp! Flavors of strawberries and watermelon (yes friends, watermelon) with high acidity. Serve this wine chilled and it will be the perfect pairing for a hot summer day.

Food Pairings: Think summer dishes like BBQ pork or chicken, seafood dishes, and salads (like watermelon and feta salad) to pair with this light wine.


I love this wine and I plan to drink it at least one more time before the seasons change and the awful winter descends on the Midwest.


Have you tried the Honoro Vera Rosé? What did you think? Leave your review in the comments section below.



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