Weekly Wine Sip – Cote Est Blanc

If you been listening to our podcast the last few weeks, you know our feelings on Spanish wine. We love it, but that’s not too say that other parts Europe that some amazing wine at a good value. France is one country I’m looking forward to diving into a little deeper is France. Many people consider France the epicenter of wine. To be honest, I’m not as familiar with French wine as others but I’m hoping to change that. So cheers to French wine!


I was introduced to Cote Est Blanc at a wine tasting at my local wine and spirits shop. Tony and I love wine tastings. I have to admit that I haven’t drank much French white wine but I see a lot more in my future thanks to little gems like the Cote Est Blanc.



The Facts:


Looks: Pale yellow color, almost clear

Nose: Talk about a floral wine, it almost smells like perfume! White lilies, lavender, melon with a little salty minerality.

Taste: Really crisp white wine with flavors of grapefruit, bitter lemon peel, with a hint of green apple.

Food Pairings: With 13% ABV, this would make a great addition to fish, poltury and light vegetable dishes.


I was surprised on how much I enjoyed with wine. Usually wines that smell like perfume are off-putting to me, but this wine tasted light and fruity. I paired it with a salad with a lemon based dressing and it worked beautifully.


Are there French white wines you love? Let us know in the comments section below.