We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview several producers from Willamette Valley in Oregon. So over the next handful of episodes we will be share those interviews and some great wines with our listeners.   This is all thanks to Carl Giavanti from Carl Giavanti Consulting […]

Ep 093 – Welcome to Willamette Valley

The holidays is a great excuse to drink Champagne (as well as a Tuesday) but buying Champagne can feel overwhelming; it’s expensive and you might often feel like you’re going to mess something up. Not to worry, we have three recommendations that you can’t go wrong with and something for everyone.  […]

Ep 092 – Champagne Holiday

This week we are talking about our recent trip to the tasting room at Breathless wines in Healdsburg which is in Sonoma County   Breathless wines was started by three sisters and focuses on making high quality sparkling wines using Méthode Champenoise. We visited their tasting room and got an […]

Ep 091 – Breathless Wines

In this episode, we talk about our visit to Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley.  Sterling Vineyards was founded in 1964 by Peter Newton, an Oxford Scholar, paper tycoon and London Financial Times writer from England.   Sterling Vineyards sits atop of a mountain overlooking a valley in Calistoga. They have aerial […]

Ep 090 – Sterling Vineyards

Recently we attended the annual wine bloggers conference which allowed us to spend some time in Sonoma and Napa Valley. These next few episodes will cover some of the information we learned as well as some of the wines we sampled.   This week we discuss: Where is Napa Valley? […]

Ep 089 – Napa Valley

Four Wines is our chance every couple of months to share recommendations with you for wines we’ve recently enjoyed but weren’t for an upcoming episode. This week is all about California wines and we have four tasty and affordable options.     Belle Glos Pinot Noir Blanc Oeil De Perdrix […]

Ep 088 – Four Wines November 2017 Edition

This week we explore the Livermore Valley AVA. Livermore Valley AVA is located just 35 miles east of the San Francisco Bay and is part of the larger Central Coast AVA.   In this episode we discuss: History of wine in Livermore Valley Climate and geography Grapes grown and wine […]

Ep 087 – Livermore Valley

  Time for us to catch up on some wine news! Check out the links below to read the articles feature in this episode.   Deadly fires hit wine regions in Spain and Portugal by Amanda Barns from Decanter, October 19, 2017   Sorting Fact from Fiction: An Important Message […]

Ep 086 – Wine in the News October 2017 Edition

This week we explore Mendocino County, California. Mendocino County is an appellation that makes wine from grapes grown mostly in Mendocino County, California and is a part of the larger North Coast AVA to the west of Lake County. Mendocino County is huge, covering 2.4 million acres and almost 19,000 acres […]

Ep 085 – Mendocino County