It’s time again for another four wines episode. A time to talk about four different wines we’ve enjoyed recently that don’t fit in an upcoming episode but we love them so much we had to share with you. These wines are awesome and definitely worth trying out this summer. Check […]

Ep 072 – Four Wines July 2017 Edition

  This week’s episode we are talking wine news. The articles listed below are featured in this week’s episode:   Rioja Grapples With How to Define Its Best Wines By Eric Asimov New York Times May 25, 2017   P.F. Chang’s Created Two Wines to Pair with your Favorite Asian […]

Ep 071 – Wine in the News July 2017

This week we are talking about German Sekt. Sekt means sparkling wine in German and in our opinion you can never have too much Sekt in your life. As you know we love all sparkling wine, but Sekt is not the easiest to find. This is because Germans love their […]

Ep 070 – German Sekt

  This week we continue our series on lesser known white wine varieties with a french wine called Muscadet. The name of this wine is rather confusing; not named for the region it hails from (Pays de la Loire) or the grape used (Melon de Bourgogne). Some believe the name […]

Ep 069 – Muscadet

    Once one of Italy’s most famous white wines, Soave has had its ups and downs, and can now be a little tough to find. Fortunately, there are some great Soave out there if you’re willing to look. Mostly made from the Garganega grape, Soave dedicates 20,000 vines to […]

Ep 068 – Soave

  We enjoy discovering wines made from lesser known grapes or regions so this episode we talk about Grüner Veltliner, which after this episode might be your new favorite summer white wine. Grüner Veltliner is a grape that makes a dry white wine by the same name that is grown almost exclusively in […]

Ep 067 – Grüner, not Gru-vee

This week we’re talking about the sparkling wine Crémant d’Alsace. You know we have a love affair with sparkling wine so we’re excited to talk about this region and its delicious wines. We did talk about the Alsace wine region in episode 21 of this podcast when we covered Gewürztraminer. So […]

Ep 066 – Crémant d’Alsace

It’s time for another edition of Four Wines! About every eight weeks or so we spend an episode talking about four random wines we drank recently. These wines might be varietals or regions we covered in a previous episode but the wine is so delicious that we can’t keep it […]

Ep 065 – Four Wines May 2017 Edition

  New Zealand is known as the “Sauvignon Blanc capital of the World” which we covered way back in episode seven of this podcast. For this episode we’re going to learn more about New Zealand wines and focus on the second biggest varietal after Sauvignon Blanc, which is Pinot Noir. […]

Ep 064 – New Zealand Pinot Noir