Ep 073 – Lugana

This week we’re talking about a wine region in Italy you probably haven’t heard of called Lugana which produces a light, dry white wine of the same name. We were able to get our hands on a couple of bottles and found it to be a perfect addition to our summertime wines. So let’s get into it.


This week we cover:

  • Where is the Lugana DOC?
  • Geography and climate
  • What grape is in Lugana and why is it so confusing?
  • Styles of Lugana
  • Flavor characteristics and food pairings



Wine Recommendations:

Ca Lojera Lugana 2016 – priced around $20. This wine has aromas of Asian pear, flowers and lime. We experienced a crisp acidity and lighter body with flavors of flowers and lime. We really enjoy the lime flavor and thought this wine served chilled makes a perfect crisp summertime wine to add to your collection.

We purchased this wine at France 44.


Ottella Lugana 2015 – priced around $20. Lovely aromas of wax, slate and a touch of flowers, this wine has lots of acidity and flavors of lemon and arugula. We thought this wine was zippy, crisp, and tart almost lemonade-like making it very appropriate for summer.

We purchased this wine at France 44



 Did you know about Lugana before this episode? Have you try Lugana wines? If not, we suggest you pick up a bottle while the weather is hot. If you’ve try Lugana in the past, let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. Thanks for listening!



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