Ep 064 – New Zealand Pinot Noir

The leftovers from our research for this episode


New Zealand is known as the “Sauvignon Blanc capital of the World” which we covered way back in episode seven of this podcast. For this episode we’re going to learn more about New Zealand wines and focus on the second biggest varietal after Sauvignon Blanc, which is Pinot Noir.


In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • History of wine in New Zealand
  • Climate and Geography of New Zealand
  • Sustainability in New Zealand Winemaking
  • Pinot Noir in New Zealand and why it grows so well.
  • Flavor Characteristics of New Zealand Pinot Noir
  • Food Pairings


Wine Recommendations:

The Crossing 2014 – priced around $16. Lighter nose of dirt and cherry, it’s dry with medium acidity and light soft, velvety tannins. With flavors of cherry, dirt, plum skin and dried herbs; this wine is very soft, fruit-driven and pleasant on its own but could be paired with food. Producer says to pair with grilled meat, lamb, tex mex and pasta.

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Cottesbrook Canteberry Pinot Noir 2015 – priced around $18. This wine has medium intense aromas of cherry, dirt, dried herbs and baking spices. It has flavors of red berries and floral notes with baking spices on the finish. Medium acidity, alcohol and body provide you with a great sipping wine or to pair with your favorite meaty or earthy dish. We really enjoyed the spice on the finish and we thought the wine was fruit driven but also a bit savory – this wine wouldn’t trick you into thinking it’s sweet like other fruit forward wines

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That wraps up our episode. Thanks for listening and we hoped you enjoyed learning about NZ wine and Pinot Noir.




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