Ep 048 – V is for Vouvray

This week we take a trip back to Loire to talk about Vouvray. Vouvray is both a place and a rich aromatic white wine in the middle Loire Valley area made from Chenin Blanc grapes.We did cover Chenin Blanc from South Africa in a previous episode, so if you are looking to learn more about New World and warm climate style Chenin Blanc wines check it out.

Map of Loire Valley with Vouvray circled. Map from Loire Valley Wines


This week we talk all about Vouvray:

  • Vouvray’s region and classifications
  • History of wine making in the region
  • Climate, terroir, and wine-making
  • Wine styles and flavor characteristics
  • Food pairings




Wine Recommendations

This week’s wine recommendations from left to right: Pinon Damien Tuffo 2014, Barton & Guestier 2015, Bougrier Sparkling Brut Vouvray – NV


Barton & Guestier 2015 – priced around $11. This youthful wine has aromas of minerals, flowers and stone fruit. It’s off-dry with medium acidity and medium body. Flavors of lemon honeysuckle, stonefruit, pear and golden raisin. This wine is light, fruity, crisp and bright, it’s like summer in a bottle.


Pinon Damien Tuffo 2014 – priced around $18. It has a medium intense nose of flowers and dry herbs. This wine is dry with medium plus acidity and medium body. Beautiful flavors of lemon, green apple and strong floral notes. It’s so crisp with acidity that this wine really needs food.


Bougrier Sparkling Brut Vouvray – NV – priced around $20. Made specifically for Total Wine but you can check out the winemakers website if you are interested in their other wines. This dry wine has aromas of green apple with a hint of sweet and sour sauce. With flavors of fresh green apple with a floral finish, crisp acidity and fine bubbles this makes a great addition to your next meal. Made in the style of champagne but it taste so different. The Chenin Blanc grapes gives the wine it’s fruity flavors and they wine doesn’t have the toasty/breadiness you would expect. 


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Looking for more great wine from Loire? Check out of episode on Cab Franc from Chinon.




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