Ep 032 – Let’s Be Franc! 1

This week’s episodes is all about Cab Franc! Cabernet Franc is one of the parent grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot but gets little attention compare to it’s children. I really don’t understand why since there are some excellent expressions of this grape that are often unnoticed or overlook. Well, we’re going to change that with this week’s episode!

Map of French wine regions and the Chinon AOC. Map by Zwarck via Wiki Commons

Map of French wine regions and the Chinon AOC. Map by Zwarck via Wiki Commons

In this week’s episode, we’ll discuss:

  • Cabernet Franc – where it comes from and where’s it grown
  • Loire wine region of France
  • Chinon AOC and why it’s a great place to grow Cab Fran
  • Flavor characteristics of Cab Franc from Chinon
  • Food pairings


Wine Recommendations:




Chinon Le Moriniers 2014 – priced around $20. The Cab Franc used in this wine comes from 40 year old vines planted in predominately clay-limestone soil with south-eastern sun exposure. It smells like flowers, pencil shavings, jalapeno, fennel and cherries. This wine is dry with medium plus acid and low tannins with flavors of sour cherries, minerals or wet rock, cedar, bitter dark chocolate, with a vegetable finish.







Clos de la Niverdière Chinon 2014- priced around $10. This wine has aromas of raspberries, tobacco, floral, jalapeno, pencil shavings and a cheesy aroma. It’s dry with medium plus acid and lower tannins, with flavors of dry cherries, leather, cedar, green pepper and arugula.



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