Ep 024 – Lodi Wine – Part One

We attended the Annual Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi, CA this past week. During our time, we met winemakers, farmers and people from the Lodi Wine Commission and it was clear from the beginning that these people have immeasurable passion for wine and the land it comes from. Over the next couple of weeks we hope to highlight some of their stories.

Lizzy James

Nothing like drinking Harney Lane Lizzy James Zinfandel in the vineyard!


In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • Lodi AVA and it’s impact on California wine
  • History of wine making in Lodi
  • Climate and soils
  • grape growing techniques
  • Old Vine Zin and the Mokelumne River Valley


Wine Recommendations:

  • Macchia 2014 Zinfandel “Luxurious” – priced around $25
    • We thought this wine was very floral (violets) with a little tobacco on the nose. Spice and dark cherry flavors but light with low tannins
  • m2 Wines Old Vine Zinfandel 2013 –  priced around $30
    • This wine has dark flavors of blackberries and licorice with nose of coco and violets. Very smooth and elegant wine
  • 2013 Harney Lane Lizzy James Zinfandel – priced around $35
    • Lots going on in the nose of this wine. Smelled spicy, with dark cherries and violets with flavors of berry cobbler, spice and tobacco. Light tannins and acid, a well balance wine


WInemaker at m2 wines, Layne Montgomery, talks about enjoying wine at Soucie Vineyards

Winemaker at m2 wines, Layne Montgomery, talks wine at Soucie Vineyards


You might have noticed that these wines are a little higher priced than we usually recommend. We normally try to stay under $25 but we felt these wines were a great expression of Lodi Old Vin Zinfandel and are a great value. Any of these wines would make a great gift or enjoyed on a special occasion.





What is your favorite Lodi Old Vine Zin? Leave us a comment.