Ep 006 – Wine and Food Pairing


In this episode, we dive deep into food and wine pairings.


Topics Covered:

  • Why should we care about pairing wine and food?
  • Basic strategies
  • Pairing 201
  • Specific wine and food pairings


Check out The “why” behind Wine Pairing


Specific food and wine pairings

  • Sav. Blanc: vegetables, herbs, seafood, pairs with lots of different foods
  • Chardonnay: cream/dairy based sauces, seafood, buttered popcorn
  • Cab.: fatty meats, steaks, duck, venison
  • Zin: Mexican food (unless spicy), dishes with cumin, Pizza, Barbecue dishes (sweet and smoky)
  • Pinot Noir: has a lot of acid so pairs well with lots of food, salmon, good fit with ham, turkey , think Thanksgiving
  • Rieslings/ Gewurztraminers: spicy (hot) food, Thai, Indian, fish/seafood, big, bold cheeses like blue cheese
  • Ports, Moscatos and other dessert wines: desserts, chocolate, cheeses, brunch, fruit plates
  • Dry sparking wine: potato chips, cheeses, sushi, all kinds of food
  • Pinot Gris: Indian Food, seafood