Columbia Valley is a special place. It sits in the same latitude as Burgundy but the terrior is so different. Columbia Valley seems like the ideal place to to grown grapes; dry, lots of sunshine and low nutrient soil causing the vines to grow deep. Thanks to it’s large […]

Ep 046 – Columbia Valley

  We launch our podcast in early 2016 and it have been a crazy year. We’ve learned a lot and drank a lot of tasty wine. It’s hard to pinned down what our favorites from 2016 but in this episode we attempt to do just that.   In this episode […]

Ep 043 – 16 Favorites of 2016

Most of the wines we drink these days are research for the podcast. Not that I’m complaining, but this means that if we try a wine at a tasting or a friend’s house, it might not fit into an episode. These wines can be forgotten so we had an idea […]

Ep 030 – Four Wines