Priorat is a Spanish DOQ (translates to “Qualified Appellation of Origin”), located in the north-eastern part of Spain, in Catalonia. This is on the Mediterranean side of Spain, only about 10 miles from the Mediterranean sea. DOQ (also called DOCa outside of Catalonia) is the top “qualification level” for Spanish […]

Ep 081 – Priorat

  We launch our podcast in early 2016 and it have been a crazy year. We’ve learned a lot and drank a lot of tasty wine. It’s hard to pinned down what our favorites from 2016 but in this episode we attempt to do just that.   In this episode […]

Ep 043 – 16 Favorites of 2016

  We love sparkling wines…   Why is sparkling wine so awesome? Well it pairs with just about any food, it’s a good palate cleanser, it’s delicious and it’s fun of course (it always puts me in a good mood).   Even though we advocate drinking sparkling wines more than […]

Ep 041 – Sparkle Time!!!